More rain.

5 Apr

I’ve already touched on the raininess of spring in Guangzhou.  This place makes Pittsburgh look sunny at this time of year (and we all know Pittsburgh is the Seattle of the East as far as gloom is concerned).  Of course, it’s also relatively warm, which leads to 89-90% humidity being the norm.  This means that nothing ever gets dry.  We generally hang laundry on the balcony, since we (and most Chinese) do not have a dryer, and during most of the year so far, this has worked fine.  But it’s far too humid and not nearly hot enough for anything to dry, and so after three to five days of hanging outside, our clothes are no drier than when we put them there, and smell somewhat of mildew.  Everything starts smelling like mildew and funk in this humidity.

So, I brought the laundry rack back inside.  I put two of our dehumidifiers underneath it (being careful to hide the cords from hungry bunny teeth) and set up the fan to keep air flowing constantly through the setup.  It seems to be working for the time being.  If only I could take advantage of the air conditioner without making it freezing in here…or jacking our power bill through the roof.

I’m really glad I brought my waterproof boots.

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