Fish Fry, China Style

12 Jul

I would like to share with you one of my favorite new discoveries since moving to China–fried dace with salted black beans.  It sometimes uses fish other than dace, like sardines, and there are other things it can be canned with other than black beans, but that will be noted on the can.  You can’t read Chinese?  Well I guess that’s your own fault.  It comes in a can like this:


This is Pearl River Bridge brand, which can often be found in little Chinatown shops overseas, as well.  Or it could.  A lot of countries banned its importation for a few years when it was discovered that the fisheries used malachite green as an antiparasitic in the fish.  Malachite green was shown in some studies to increase the risk of cancer in mice–when force-fed huge amounts of it.  You’d have to eat hundreds of cans of this stuff in a day to start accumulating harmful levels into your body, and you’d die of a stroke long before cancer showed up.  Anyway, they use something else now, and it’s starting to find its way back around.

Wait, a stroke?  Yeah.  This stuff is super-salty.  I only eat it maybe once or twice a month, tops, and even that’s a lot.  It’s definitely a sometimes food.


Oh it is so good.


  1. poetita Says:

    Oh oh oh looks like fish dinner tonight! Meow! Loved this post!

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