24 Sep

Well, aside from celebrating my first year in China this month, there’s another special date I’m celebrating today, in fact.  That’s right, two years ago today, I married my wonderful wife Rachelle.

We were lying in bed last night and suddenly Rachelle was like, “Wait, our anniversary, what’s the date?” and I was all, “Oh shit, we almost forgot!” and Rachelle was like, “No, I think today’s only the 23rd so it’s tomorrow!”  Close call.

Who would have thought that that baseball game four years ago would lead to such adventures?  I got her some anniversary baozi from the restaurant downstairs for breakfast.  They didn’t have her favorite oat and honey buns so I settled on black sesame, which is also tasty.  Hooray for team Ophums!  Rigel wanted in on the festivities so she hopped up on the bed and started digging on my leg.  Ow.  That adorable little shit.


  1. Les Says:

    Time sure flies!! Happy Anniversary!

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