About Me

I’m Krysztov, or just Chris if you know me in person.  I’ve seen a bit of the world and had a few adventures, and I’m just getting started on my biggest one yet.

Let me clarify.  As I write this, I am in Hollister, California.  I have lived here for just over a year, after having lived in southwestern Pennsylvania most of my life, with a handful of travels elsewhere for various reasons.  I might bring them up later if they’re relevant.  My wife recently landed a job in the Foreign Languages Institute of Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou.  So now we’re packing our lives up into a few suitcases and moving to China.  We don’t know when or if we’ll be returning, but I intend to share whatever insights I can with whomever is interested.


Krysztov/Chris:  Me, the author.  My wife got a job in China, I followed her, and I’m doing what I must because I can.

Rachelle:  The author’s wife.  Loves poetry, hiking, birds, and olives.  Is a big-shot foreign professor now.  Hasn’t traveled out of the country before and gets homesick sometimes.

Rigel:  A fluffy white bunny rabbit.  Rachelle met him at a pet market and fell in love with him.  Now he’s part of the family.  Hobbies include eating things, making messes, and getting into trouble.

Jenny:  Another American in the same position as Rachelle.  Her husband is still in the States.  She’s planning on staying another year, and he’s planning on joining her soon.

Paul:  Our “babysitter.”  He knows how to get things done and takes us where we need to be.  We would probably not have accomplished a damn thing our first week without him.

Sebastian:  Our German friend.  He’s really, really German.  It’s cool.