5 Jun

So, last Saurday there was a “Zumba party” at the Pilates studio.  Basically this was a social/promotional event and there was food, drinks, and Zumba, as well as a demonstration of Pilates and Thai yoga.  And of course, the zumba lady conscripted me to join for a few songs.  Did I mention I’m really bad at those kinds of things?  I can’t copy people’s movement on the fly, and I’m still pretty uncoordinated.  I did eventually get the hang of it in the practice sessions, before people started showing up.  If living in China is like an RPG (and despite what that link says, I think it’s also like a CRPG), then I just did the dancing minigame.

Even if Rigel hadn’t eaten our last good USB cord, there will be neither pictures nor video of this event.


  1. Leslie Says:

    So China hasn’t escaped the crazy Zumba craze either? It must be like a worldwide plague! I would have really enjoyed a video of your “dancing.” Lol

  2. krysztov Says:

    Well, if it’ll help you visualize it, just imagine me flailing around and tripping over my feet in a crowd of tiny middle-aged Malaysian ladies.

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